Where’s my…

Not a doctor just my stories…

Today is a new day I forgive myself for yesterday…

Where’s my phone? Most consistent problem, the only place I have not left it is in the refrigerator

Where’s my purse? Can walk into house, into kitchen, back out and leave it somewhere then retrace my steps and have lost it

Where are my pants? I have a pair of cargo pants and can’t find them, our standard answer to each other is it’s somewhere in the house

Where’s my lunch bag? If I actually make a lunch is it in the car?

Where’s Bailey (the dog)

Where’s Bernie (the dog)

What day is it? Two part time jobs

Where’s my ipad? Use my phone more than the pad it could be anywhere in the house

Where’s the tylenol? We keep it in multiple places

Did I take my drugs? I have a Monday to Sunday case, still forget sometimes as I stare into space with my coffee

I have left my bra in the kitchen hanging off the back of a chair–my beagle will chew the hooks off if it is on the floor, I can’t wait to get upstairs to get it off, I do the pull through the sleeve trick.

Does everyone one do these things? Yes, but I can feel like I am in a perpetual fog and these things happen daily. They are not upsetting, humorous unless I am late. I am perpetually distracted. My meds and my mood can make me fuzzy. Pre-prepare and always put things in the same spot doesn’t work. I am often tired and just give in and drop things wherever.

I’m not thrilled with my work situation right now, nothing terrible but the draw to sleep more is a smidge of depression. So is stress eating. Can’t stop right now.

As I have said before awareness is a blessing and a curse.

Until next time