ADHD & Social Media

Not a doctor just my stories…

Today is a new day I forgive myself for yesterday…

When you have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Social Media can seem like a godsend. I like to call it short attention span theatre.

Bites, bites, everything in small bites. Twitter, small sentences, photos, opinions.

Facebook, check ins, vacation pics like postcards, happy occasions, sad occasions (I find this aspect odd, I don’t like to find about someone’s passing on Facebook)

Instagram–I like this one but when it was just photos. Now there is IGTV where you can do videos.

So the ADHD works very well with the ultimate scroll. Scroll, scroll, oh that’s cute, there’s a link, what’s that? A youtube video, a recommendation?

So it feeds the short attention span; great for ADHD., but then the worry of missing something; bad for ADHD now we spin into obsession territory.

Obsession works very well with anxiety, it calms it at least for me. Feeling anxious, let’s watch hours of TV, or scroll through an entire thread on Twitter, or check in with a closed Facebook group.

This is soothing, it quiets my brain, in fact in can shut down my brain except for what I am experiencing, the scary thoughts recede and I laser focus on the fun thing.

Then I get crushed with guilt about the time I have wasted. I could be volunteering, or helping change the world, or exercising, or playing with my dogs, training my dogs, doing chores, spend time on a hobby, pick a hobby.


There is also Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, I know Pinterest not the others. This one I also like because you can save things. I also have this obsession about remembering recommendations of things I might like, want to watch, read.


I could meditate, learn to manage my time, breathe. Soooo not there yet. I have awareness though. If my diagnosis, therapy and medication has given me anything it is awareness so at least I don’t panic about that. I am hyper aware of my feelings and for lack of a better term brain activity.

Did I mention I started listening to podcasts, am obsessed and stopped listening to audiobooks and I am too tired to read regular books because I work nights now and am tired all the time but the podcasts soothe my anxiety and are generally 45 minutes long? Short attention span theatre.

Gah. Sigh.

Until next time


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